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Welcome to WGB

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

We believe in spending quality family time outdoors with great healthy food and drink. The idea behind the Blog came about after purchasing a Weber Master Touch Kettle Grill. We love being outdoors in our entertainment area right next to the pool. It's our happy place and a perfect way to unwind after the hectic work week.

Our love for Cooking and trying out new recipes, or creating our own unique tastes

and styles is what we enjoy, and we'd like to take you along on our food journey.

Why Weekend Grilling Buddies? Our loyal Rottweiler, Floki and Slinky the Dachshund never miss a Grill (or Braai as we call it in South Africa), and they are aficionados of good food.

Join us as we test new and exciting recipes, try recipes from different countries and create our own Feasts around cultures and tastes. We will also be doing reviews on Grilling gadgets, Grills and going through methods we use to obtain fantastic tasty food (with the occasional Homebrew Beer thrown in for good measure).

Recipes and articles will be uploaded weekly after each of our Grilling Weekend Adventures.

We look forward to this exciting journey.

Richard, Marselle' and the family.


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